Testimonials for Wide Bay Mazda

Fabulous After Care

Thank you so much for your fabulous after care of my Holden Cruze. Roger, your friendly and professional manner is really appreciated. Nothing was too much for you and your team and I will be recommending you to my friends and acquaintances.

We pride ourselves on our long term sales and service support and were so happy to receive the following comment from Doreen Hoyle:

Q6 Do you have any recommendations or additional comments about the servicing of your Mazda?

Usual excellent service since 2005 all my previous Mazdas, and currently a 3 and 2.

Thankful for the Service

Would just like to let all you guys down there at Wide Bay know how thankful Nikki and I are for the service we received during the last month with the purchase of our new Hilux and the unfortunate findings of our Nissan Patrol.

We appreciate the follow up and continued communication with us. We will not hesitate in telling all our family and friends to use Wide Bay Motor Group for all car purchases.

Ben & Nikki Cross

Ode to a Local Business - Wide Bay Motor Group

My mother and father retired to Hervey Bay about three years ago to be closer to their grandchildren, buying a small house in a retirement village and buying a new car to see them through their retirement years.

Unfortunately, my father began having circulation trouble in his left foot due to an auto immune disease and after bypass graft surgery ended up losing his leg just below the knee.

This alone is a devastating event to deal with however he was also not able to drive their new car as it was a manual.

It had been two years since he had been behind the wheel, with my mother driving everywhere.

It was just another piece of independence that he had lost.

We had been to a few car yards and had been looking for other cars that may have been suitable however we all know that once you take a new car off the lot, you lose money very quickly.

It seemed that they would have to stay with things the way they were.

That was until my husband and I went to see the wonderful team at Wide Bay Motor Group in Hervey Bay.

I cannot express enough gratitude for the way my parents were treated and the fantastic fact that my father now is able to drive in their near new automatic Toyota Yaris.

To see the smile on my dad's face when he was behind the wheel is something I will forever be grateful to Wide Bay Motor Group for.

They are a fabulous local business, their professionalism and friendliness is second to none and I would recommend anyone looking for a car to go and see them.

Credit : Fraser Coast Chronicle